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  • This City Speaks Melbourne

    ‘This City Speaks’ starts in Melbourne, Australia. These are the artists that shape this inspiring city.

  • Luke David-Kellett

    Luke talks about his personal journey of creating his seminal photographic book This City Speaks To Me, which was part of the genesis of the documentary project This City Speaks.

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  • Ruth Molloy

    Ruth speaks about her bohemian childhood growing up in Northcote in the 80’s and the centre of it all, Cafe Yartz. She reveals the expectations she placed on herself to ‘Be Something’ 

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  • Melbourne Launch!

    Launch party @ GoodTime Studios in Melbourne. The event was a huge success with Keynote Speaker Marcus Westbury and panel; Caroline Vains, Louise Klerks, Nick Casey & Kat Ashworth. Visuals by The Mikes. And live performances by 

Hailey Cramer,
Silent Jay & 
Cazeaux O.S.L.O.

  • Jordie Lane

    Jordie Lane is a young man with a big heart. He’s humble and talented and his music is loved by people from all around the world. In this video, Jordie speaks of growing up in Melbourne

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  • Genevieve Bailey

    Genevieve is a never-ending source of energy and enthusiasm. In this interview Genevieve talks about her childhood and the inspiration behind her incredible documentary I Am Eleven, which was six years in the making.

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  • Mojo Juju

    Mojo talks about how she came to choose her name and the power of collaborations with those you love.

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